F. Lee Bringinger Award Recipients

Below are NSPII's current F. Lee Brininger Award recipients:

2019 Megan Hall Country Companies
2018 Byron "Butch" Robbins Safe Auto Insurance Co.
2017 Miles H. Watters, Jr. State Farm Insurance Co.
2016 Kurt S. Franzi Bureau of ATF, St. Louis, MO
2015 Detective Bryan McGuinness Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance Fraud
2014 David E. Jansing Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.
2013 Bruce Schuck Westfield Insurance
2012 Todd M. Burris State Auto Insurance Co.
2011 Detective Henry T. Clark Florida Division of Insurance Fraud
2010 Larry Cholewin MetLife Auto & Home
2009 Beth Rouse Infinity Insurance
2008 Brian Forman Cornerstone National Insurance Co.
2007 Barbara A. Parker Indiana Insurance Co.
2006 Joel W. Abbey Indiana Insurance Co.
2005 David A. Chipps David Chipps & Associates
2004 J. Warren Keller Taylor, Keller, Dunaway & Tooms, PLLC
2003 Phillip M. Hardin Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Co.
2002 George Grossenbaugh Cincinnati Insurance Co.
2001 Michael S. Linscott FTI/SEA Consulting Applied Sciences
2000 Allen J. Matheny Cincinnati Insurance Co.
1999 John R. Yust OCA Consultants, Inc.
1998 David H. Cox National Insurance Crime Bureau
1997 Steven R. Sims Indiana Insurance Co.
1996 Mike Davis Insurance Investigation Specialists
1995 John Gibson State Farm Insurance Co.
1994 Philip Van Houten Cincinnati Insurance Co.
1993 Robert Gartner Nationwide Insurance Co.
1992 F. Lee Brininger Brininger and Associates, Inc.
  Philip Van Houten Cincinnati Insurance Co.
1991 L. Pat Walter Nationwide Insurance Co.
1990 John Gibson State Farm Insurance Co.
1989 Harold Park Brininger and Associates, Inc.
1988 Charles McGrath Ohio State Fire Marshal's Office
  Richard Patton Cleveland Fire Department
Harold (Kip) Reader Ulmer & Berne LLP