Code of Ethics

  1. To search for truth through honest and fair investigations.

  2. To not use improper influence for personal gain or advantage.

  3. To not violate or exploit confidences or trust and to avoid conflicts of interest.

  4. To claim only those qualifications which are accurate and valid.

  5. To deal with others with respect.

  6. To observe and promote the highest standards of integrity.

  7. To continuously pursue further education and study in my professional field so as to improve my knowledge and skill.

  8. To conduct myself in a lawful manner and to adhere to the highest moral standards.

  9. To refrain from any malicious or unfair criticism of others or any act tending to maliciously injure the reputation of others.

  10. To be loyal, faithful, and diligent in carrying out my duties and responsibilities.

  11. To refrain from engaging in any investigation activity for which I am not reasonably competent or qualified.

  12. To refrain from any activity which reflects unfavorably on NSPII or its members.

  13. To regard my profession and NSPII honorably.