Antitrust Statement

The National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators® (NSPII®) is a professional society, not a trade organization. NSPIIdoes not engage in the exchange, collection, or dissemination of any information regarding insurance rates, the setting of rates, the number of claims adjusted in any given period, or other such information as discussed more fully below.

By this statement, NSPII desires to be clear that it is unequivocally committed to the principles of competition as prescribed by the antitrust laws and the strict compliance by its members of those laws. 

Many members of NSPIIare representatives of competing businesses, predominately insurers and professionals which work with insurers. NSPIImembers should exercise care during all meetings, due to the concern that discussions and presentations may be misconstrued by others as an attempt to engage in collusion or other violations of antritrust laws, whether state or federal.

Cognizant of the above concerns, NSPII counsels its members at all meetings, whether formal or informal, to not engage in discussion or agreement, either expressed or implied, which may in any way lead to an allegation of collusiveness or other antitrust violations. Subjects to avoid include, but are not limited to:

  1. Insurance rates

  2. Insurance underwriting policies 

  3. Marketing strategies, marketing responses to legislative, regulatory, or other developments 

  4. Rates for insurance products or services

  5. Positions on coverage issues or other matters of policy interpretation

  6. Agreements between and among insurers regarding claims practices, policies, or positions

  7. Advantages or disadvantages of doing business with certain states or areas within certain states

  8. Refusal to insure or otherwise do business with potential insureds or suppliers of products or services

  9. Costs and/or profits arising from any of the above practices; and

  10. Any types of agreements between and among insurers or persons working within the insurance industry.

All members are encouraged to review this policy prior to any NSPII meeting and to speak with the elected officers regarding any such issues.